At Eclipsol, we are committed to participating in and improving the quality of life in communities where our employees live, work and play.

Our commitment to social responsibility and our Code of Ethics means we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the well-being of our employees and their families, the environment in which they work, and the communities in which we operate.



We are committed to respecting the long-term health and viability of the natural environments affected by our projects by applying a precautionary, proactive risk-management approach to safeguarding the environment and preventing or mitigating the impacts of environmental incidents. Working with the appropriate government agencies, partners and key stakeholders, our goal is to ensure that our activities meet or exceed legal requirements and societal expectations.

We continually seek new strategies for enhancing our environmental performance, including programs to improve energy efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and waste and minimize our use of water and other resources. At every stage of the project life cycle, we apply best practices in environmental management. From the earliest site investigations, we carry out comprehensive environmental studies to establish baseline measurements for flora, fauna, land, air and water. During operations we will promote the efficient use of resources, work to minimize environmental impacts and maintain robust monitoring programs, including groundwater and air quality. 

First Nations

Eclipsol is actively engaged in building relations with the First Nation communities with traditional lands that encompass our projects. Further agreements and partnerships are being explored with other First Nations across the province where Eclipsol and its subsidiary companies operate. Active participation in the communities where we operate is our commitment to strengthening those communities.


Safety is a priority in our company. Eclipsol is committed to occupational health and safety management practices which are in the best interests of our employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate. 

Eclipsol’s objective is to achieve a safe and healthy workplace free of injury and illness. 
We are committed to the health, safety and well-being of our workforce and will strive to achieve an incident‐free workplace in a holistic and inclusive manner.

We  recognize  that  individuals,  through  their  own  behaviours  and  actions,  are  ultimately responsible  for safety.    We  encourage  and support  all  employees to  achieve  our  goals  by incorporating  into  their  planning  and  work  the  actions  necessary  to  ensure  the safety  of themselves and others in the workplace.

To achieve our health and safety objectives we will: 

  • Promote safe and healthy behavior as a core value in the organization’s culture. 
  • Promote and enhance employee commitment and accountability to this policy. 
  • Develop and implement effective management systems to identify, minimize and manage health and safety risks in the workplace. 
  • Provide the resources to achieve a safe and healthy work environment for all of our people. 
  • Provide training and information to enable all our people to work safely and competently. 
  • Comply with applicable regulations, laws and international guidelines. 
  • Strive for continuous improvement by setting targets and measuring results against those targets. 
  • Recognize and reward good safety performance and achievements throughout the organization. 
  • Promote health and safety in all aspects of our work, family and local community. 



We are committed to responsible resource development. For Eclipsol this means that we strive to be proactive and progressive in providing safety education, and to offer a safe working environment for all our employees and subcontractors. We endeavor to be consistent and steadfast in our environmental research, we are committed to working with local communities where we work and operate.  We shall continue to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations and communities that our projects effect.