The Polley Lake Hydro Project is a proposed pumped storage hydro power generation facility using Quesnel Lake as the lower reservoir and Polley Lake as the upper reservoir.  The intake would be located near the shoreline of the upper reservoir and the powerhouse would be located near the Quesnel Lake shoreline, and an approximately 5 meter-diameter penstock or tunnel would be used to connect the two reservoirs.  The same penstock would be used during power production and during pumping.  The intake would be submerged in the Polley Lake, with the intake infrastructure located approximately 50 meters back from the lake shore, and construction in the dry. The powerhouse would house a number of generator/pump sets that would convert the potential energy into energy in the upper reservoirs by moving the water through the turbines below at the powerhouse.  

The rationale for pumped storage is the rate difference available between low electrical consumption (night) and peak consumption (day).  The operating regime would be to draw down the upper reservoirs by its full drawdown range for approximately 12 hours during the day time and generating electricity during the time of peak demand.  During the following approximate 12 hours (night time), the water would be pumped back up and the reservoir is refilled.  This conceptual design may change as it is likely that top storage would also be required on the upper reservoir to maintain downstream flow release.  The effects on Quesnel Lake levels would be undetectable.  

Project Details

Polley    Lake

Polley Lake

  • Generation Capacity:                   400 MW
  • Estimated Capex:                        $1,200 Million
  • Plant Type:                                  Pumped Storage
  • Estimated Annual Production:      665,000 MWh
  • Estimated Annual Revenues:       $182 Million
  • Estimated Financial Close:           2016    
  • Estimated Time of COD:              2019
  • Estimated Cost to Fin. Close:       $4 Million
  • Upper Storage Location:             Polley Lake
  • Lower Storage Location:             Quesnel Lake

Construction Plan

  • Construction of the facility will be tendered to an Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) partner bidding process after the financial close.
  • Engage an owner’s engineering firm to consult on procuring the turbines and EPC contractor.
  • Major equipment will be purchased directly from OEM after the financial close.
  • Develop an RFP to send to the top five turbine manufactures to bid on the project.
  • Develop an RFP to send to potential EPC contractors who will be able to accept our guarantee points for performance and the engineering to date.