VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (May 28, 2014) – Eclipsol Energy Inc. today announced it has received Investigative Use Licenses for the Hen Ingram Lake pumped storage hydro-electrical facility, the Keno Lake pumped storage hydro-electrical facility, and the Whiffle Lake pumped storage hydro-electrical facility.


The proposed pumped storage hydro-electrical facilities are located in the surrounding lakes of Quesnel Lake in British Columbia, Canada. Quesnel Lake will be the lower lake storage while Hen Ingram Lake, Whiffle Lake, and Keno Lake will be the upper lake storage. All of the facilities will work in concert to maximize power output and will be modeled to provide an ideal combined output for their load patterns.

What is Pumped Storage?

Pumped Storage involves the generation of electricity by capturing the energy of water being transferred from a higher elevation upper reservoir, through turbine generator units, into a lower elevation reservoir. The system is then reversed and the water from the lower reservoir is pumped back to the upper reservoir.


About Eclipsol Energy

Eclipsol Energy Inc. is a privately held company, which is dedicated to harnessing energy using advanced technology that will facilitate the development, construction, and operation of sustainable and economically viable renewable power projects to meet the world’s ever increasing demand for power. Eclipsol will provide its clients with a quality power solution that positively impacts communities and the environment. 

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